Wednesday, January 14, 2015

my top 5 travel wish list

Throughout my years I've been lucky to travel to some amazing places. I studied abroad in London and got to go all around Europe so that's why there is a lack of European destinations on my list. I love to travel, and if money wasn't an option I'd be a constant jet-setter. I thought I'd share some places that are on the top of my list.
1. Iceland
Iceland looks like a whole other world... with a rather short travel distance. With the hot springs and striking landscapes, Iceland is at the top of my list. This island  is so visually stunning is like a dream vacation for photographers like myself.
2. Vietnam
Vietnam is another destination that I find uniquely stunning. I remember my interest striking in high school when my Asian Studies teacher played the beautiful Vietnamese film, "The Vertical Ray of the Sun." Every since then it's been on my mental list- especially so I can see Ha Long Bay pictured above.
3. Tokyo
Now for some place more urban. I don't remember a time where I didn't want to go to Toyko. The emcompassing city seems like it would be quite the culture shock- in a good way. I think I would feel so stimulated and out of my comfort zone that it could be quiet an experience.
4. Costa Rica
Because, rainforest! I picture myself holding a monkey in the rainforest and I like what I see.
5. Greece
After hitting up the major ancient historical sites, I'd like to end my Greece excursion in Santorini, basking in the sun. This island looks so beautiful I can't comprehend it.

Hope you enjoyed my list! What are some of your top travel destinations?

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