Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the high line

Something wonderful happened last weekend- the sun finally came out! After weeks and weeks of grim cold weather, the clouds briefly disappeared and I spend my Saturday with the sunshine on my face, exploring a part of the city I've never been to- the High Line.  Once an elevated railroad, the High Line is now a public park located on Manhattan's west side. I entered at 28th street and slowly made my way south, stopping for a bit at one of the wooden lounge seating area and soaked up some rays while I people watched. It was a crowded scene as I imagine a lot of people came out for the nice weather. Along the 'park' there are countless seating areas where people read, chatted, ate, etc. It's such a cool place and I am happy I finally checked it out. Also, it snowed again today. Goodbye again sun, for now. More photos…

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I'm loving le_yuk's instagram feed at the moment, and her gorgeous images of famous locations throughout Paris. There are so many amazing people to follow on instagram who present such a unique perspective of the world through their images. It's even better when the images are in lust worthy locations like Paris, France.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

my purse essentials- beauty bag

In my last post I mentioned my hand cream of choice for keeping in my purse, and this made me think of my other beauty essentials for my handbag. Within my black hole of a bag, I keep a little zip up pouch that I use exclusively for my small personal care picks for when I am out and about. The pouch itself is one I picked up at Target, and what I like about it is the material is easy to clean so if something marks or spills, I can easily rub it off. I also like that it's simple and black on the outside, but the inside is a bright green color, making it easier to see whats inside.

Onto the contents. This can change depending on what I'll need for the day, but for the most part this is what's usually inside…

Lip balm // I use lip balms so frequently that they are mostly floating around aimlessly in my purse and not in my designated "beauty bag," but it still counts. It changes all the time but currently I have Jack Black for no fuss hydration, Maybelline baby lips in cherry me for a bit of color, and Neautrogena moisture shine gloss when I want something well, more glossy.
Concealer // Very important! I love this compact concealer from Tarte to use for keeping my dark under-eye circles, redness around my nose, and various spots under control. 
Eyeliner // This is only used when I am going somewhere at night and I don't have time to stop by my apartment. I feel more confident having a bit more eye definition when I want to amp up my look for whatever reason. The one I carry with me is Revlon ColorStay.
Blush (Not Pictured) I ran out of a mini cheek stain I used to add some color to my face and haven't found a good replacement yet. I do have my eye on the Josie Maran cheek gelee though...
Fragrance // I love rollerballs as they are so handy to carry around and a good alternative to buying the actually bottle. Currently I have Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck because the sweet, fruity scent seems to perk me up and make me feel girly.
Nail file // This is one of those things that I hardly ever use but when I do need it, I'm thankful that I have it. This one I got in a birchbox and the heart shape is obvs aborbs.


Floss // I don't remember where I got this mini floss but that is besides the point. The point is, hygiene is important and it's always good to be prepared.
Pain reliever // When a bad headache comes along I am always so glad I have these.
Tide to go // No one wants to walk around with giant stain on your shirt all day.


I wouldn't say these are necessarily an essential, but I like having them around. All are samples from my Birchbox subscription: Whish deodorant swipes for desperate times, Melvita rose water spray to refresh my skin, and a mini Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm to use either as a cheek or inner eye highlight, or as eyeshadow.

Do you have a beauty bag in your everyday handbag?

Monday, February 17, 2014

recent repurchases

I don't know how it is for everyone, but it seems all my products seem to run out at once, causing me to run a few errands recently and cringe whenever I swiped my card at the register. This time around, I decided to stay true to a few products that I've used before. There are so many brands and products out there, but sometimes when something works, it works, and my love of a product outweighs my curiosity in trying something new.

First up, hand cream. Holy moly have my hands been dry… thanks polar vortex. I have one hand cream I keep by my bed, but I also like to have one to carry around with my in my purse. I ran out of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and without much thought, decided to just get it again. This cream is great- it immediately hydrates my dry hands but also sinks into the skin quickly without a lot of residue. What else I like about this cream, and this brand in general, is that it doesn't contain parabens or synthetic dyes or fragrances.

You know how some brands you just trust? Origins is one of those brands for me. I wouldn't say I've tried enough of their products to give such a statement of the overall brand, but the products I have tried get an A+, like the High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream (longest name ever). This night cream is very rich, which is great for my dry skin, and it has nice relaxing scent to it. I wasn't ready to say goodbye, so I picked it up again at Sephora.

Moving on to yet another, and last, super moisturizing product- the L'Oreal Deep Nourishing Masque. When my more expensive hair mask ran out, I didn't feel like spending the money again for a new one so I picked this up at CVS for like the third of the price. Luckily, it does a great job of adding moisture to my dry ends. This product is such a bargain and my hair loves it, so why not?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

workout playlist

It has been very slushy and gross outside for a long time, so please excuse my dirty sneakers if you will. Yes, this winter has been quite brutal; with the freezing temperatures and frequent snowfall, a lot of my spare time has been spent indoors. Usually, to get my heart rate up, I go on long walks outside but since this has been nearly impossible lately, I decided to start a trial at a nearby gym. I've been enjoying it so far. My machine of choice is the elliptical and while I am breaking a sweat, I love some good tunes to keep me going. I've complied a list of some of my favorite songs to workout to… no judging ;)

Monday, February 3, 2014

link loves

I've never done one of these link roundup posts but I thought it would be fun to share some things that caught my eye around the web...

Love the campaign the above image is from. Karen Walker used the Kenyan artisans, who help craft pouches that accompany her Summer 2014 sunglasses, as models for the new designs.

I enjoyed reading these thoughts on Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship on the Man Repeller blog.

I am probably late on the bandwagon to Modern Seinfeld tweets, but I had to share because I find it so clever and hilarious.

I think I am finally getting into lipgloss. I picked this one up at the drugstore this weekend and I really like it so far.

I starting following this instagram because she constantly posts the loveliest photos of nyc.

I was so sad and shocked to hear the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's unfortunate death. He is/was one of my favorite actors. I love this movie and this scene with him.

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