Sunday, November 24, 2013

to the cloisters

I spent my Sunday last weekend visiting The Cloisters. Although situated in a different location, the cloisters are a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that focuses on medieval art. It was a gorgeous day before the cold weather hit, and the walk from the station was very pleasant as it allowed stunning views of the Hudson River. The architecture of the building is medieval inspired, and the museum was so quiet and peaceful, it was fun to imagine what it would be like to live during that time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

jared chambers photography

I stared following jared chambers on instagram recently and I have fallen in love with his photographs. They are so atmospheric, beautiful, and let's just say he never came across a foggy day that he didn't like. After browsing through his pictures I notice a style he likes to do frequently. It's to compose basically a nature shot, but with a person who looks far away, giving a sense of scale to the scenery that is quite striking.

I am now suffering from a case of wanderlust. 

All pictures are from his tumblr

Saturday, November 9, 2013

rainy day outfit

I got the random urge to show my outfit on a rainy day in the city. This ensemble is such a typical one for me- skinny jeans, boots, and some sort of comfy boyish top (or sweater). It hasn't been too cold yet so I threw on this jacket I got at h&m. I have been looking for a trench coat and couldn't find just what I was looking for so I decided to get this jacket when I saw it. So far I really like it.

These Sam Edelman petty boots have already been well loved since I got them. I have the light brown suede version that I wear constantly so when the leather version came out I didn't hesitate. I feel very Alexa Chung in them. And they are the perfect heel height- I really recommend them!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've been making myself go outside and bring my SLR and see what comes of it. Photography is my main passion and I want to get better and better. There is still so much on the technical side I need to learn and the only way to learn with any craft is to do it often. But it not all about that. Mostly I take pictures because I like doing it and it makes me feel good.
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