Friday, May 4, 2012

Books I've Been Reading Lately

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Dance of Dragons by George R. R. Martin /// The fifth book of Martin's Song of Fire and Ice series might just be my favorite one. I didn't hear about the books until I saw the first episode of the HBO show, became immediately hooked, and found out that the show is actually based on an epic fantasy book series. It was like love at first sight. Not really, but I knew these books would be right on my alley with the slight historical/medieval fiction, fantasy elements, and complex characters. My inner nerd was very happy. This newest book featured my favorite character Daenerys who was missing in the previous book. I also enjoyed the Bran chapters quit a bit... and the Tyrion ones... well all of it really. Anxiously awaiting for the sixth book to come out.

IQ84 by Haruki Murakami /// My all time favorite author didn't disappoint with his newest novel. In fact I've never been disappointed with his writing. Every time I pick up a new book of his it's like being home. His writing style is so simple, and I love all the mundane details he adds about his characters and their behaviors. I could read his books for ever. I'm glad I bought this book instead of downloading it on my Kindle because it really is a beautiful looking book. All of his books are similar in that they feature and ordinary character that gets involved in extraordinary events, but still each book is different enough to be entertaining in its own way. No matter what Murakami puts out I will read it.

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern /// What I am reading now. Like the other two books this story contains fantastical elements. I like what I like I guess. This book seems quite popular I gather but I never heard of it until I was browsing amazon's website, looking for something to catch my eye. I'm really enjoying it so far it keeps curious and I love the descriptions of the imaginative circus and all the people that are involved with it. The plot is working towards an ominous magician competition that is going to take place. Looking forward to reading more of it before I go to bed tonight.

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