Tuesday, September 16, 2014

my guilty pleasures

  • eating in bed
  • browsing the asos website for far too long
  • bad reality shows
  • staying in with a glass (or two) of wine
  • cadbury milk chocolate bars
  • three words: it's judy's life
  • watching makeup gurus on youtube for hours. especially this girl 
  • pizza. pizza all the time.
  • afternoon naps 
  • taylor swift's music
  • cookie butter from trader joes yumm
  • nerding out hardcore to the Song of Ice and Fire series
  • rewatching Lost 
  • facetiming my cat with my mom's help
  • singing along to Mirah Carey's "My All" when I'm home alone getting ready

What are you guilty pleasures?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the perfect jeans

For a while now I've been wanting to invest in a pair of nice jeans, but have been unsuccessful finding a pair worth the hefty price tag. However, when I first slide into the AG legging ankle jeans, I knew the search was over.

Since these are legging jeans, they are snug and hug everything in just the right place, but aren't too tight that they are uncomfortable. On the contrary, these jeans are incredible comfortable to wear. With other super slim jeans, I felt that not only were they too tight and uncomfortable, but were quite unflattering (hello muffin top). But with jeans, it's all about the fit and I feel like a million bucks in these. They are just so flattering, somehow making my legs look slender and my butt nice and perky;)
My mom also had to try them on when we were shopping together and they looked amazing on her as well.

The dark wash is a nice compromise of a dark blue with just enough fading and I loved them so much I got the lighter wash as well. Fellow short peeps out there will like this ankle fit, making these jeans perfect for pairing with both sandals and booties.

Jean shopping can overwhelming, so I thought I'd give me two cents on a pair out there that I am very happy with!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

what I wore to the beach

I was so happy to get a chance to head to the beach last weekend. I was ready for a change of scenery, and eager to relax with my feet in the sand. I stayed with my aunt and uncle, with my cousins and their significant others. Even my mom flew up! It was so much fun. Here's what I brought…

Essie polish // I painted both my toe and nails in the color "meet me at sunset" which I think it the perfect orangey red.
Canvas tote // I got this tote last year at Madewell and it's the perfect summer bag for trekking around my magazine, sunblock, etc.
Skargorn t-shirt dress // I have other Skargorn t-shirts, so when I saw the dress version I had to have it. It's so comfortable and made a great beach cover up to throw on.
Jack Black lip balm // Best thing about this lip balm besides hella hydration? It has SPF 25. Burnt lips are no bueno.
Panama hat // If my face isn't shaded, I get too overheated so a hat is a must for me. I love how classic and stylish this one is. 
Swim bottoms // How cute are these? I just wore my favorite black top with these and I love the high-waisted fit.
Birkenstocks // I hardly take these things off in the summer so off course I took them to the beach. Is there any shoe more comfortable than these?